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You NEED to Know - Please READ THIS!




Registration DEADLINES for all TEAMS are as follows:

3rd - 8th Grade CYO Teams = September 8th

4th - 8th Grade Travel Teams = October 9th

3rd - 8th Grade Rec Teams =  November 7th

K - 2nd Grade Clinics = December 31st




Divisions of Play -

K-2 Clinic - Open to Boys & Girls in grades K - 2nd.  Clinics will be separated by grade.   $130/registrant.  Clinics will begin in December. Clinics for K-2 will be held on Saturdays. The K-2 clinic will emphasize individual skills, basic fundamentals and techniques, team play, and overall fitness and well-being in a positive teaching and learning environment. Our approach to coaching and instruction focuses primarily on teamwork, sportsmanship, self-confidence and improvement. The clinics goal is provide the above skills development while also creating a fun environment for the kids. As the clinic evolves coaches will weave games and scrimmages into the sessions in order to give game experience and keep the kids engaged. Ultimately teaching and instructing is the primary objective but also and more importantly, we want to provide a fun and exciting atmosphere.

3rd and 4th Grade Recreational -  Open to All Boys and Girls in the  3rd and 4th grades.  Teams will be formed separately for boys and girls.   Focus is on further development of skills through one night of practice and one night of games among other in-town teams.  $175/registrant.  The In-Town teams will begin practice/games in December.

5th-8th Grade Recreational -  Open to all Boys and Girls in the  5th - 8th grades.  Teams will be formed separately for boys and girls grouped as 5/6th and 7/8th.   Focus is on further development of skills through practices and competitive games among other in-town teams.  $175/registrant.  The In-Town teams will begin practice/games in November.

Travel -   Travel teams are highly competitive and compete in the JBA & Lakeland Leagues. Travel Teams for boys and girls start in 4th grade, based on interest level.  ALL TRAVEL TEAM PLAYERS ARE PICKED THROUGH TRY-OUTS!  Travel team rosters will be kept small.  Participation on a travel team last year, AAU competition, etc.  DOES NOT guarantee participation on a travel team this year.  *NOTE:  All players who wish to try out for a travel team will be asked to pay $175 (part of the $270 registration fee)  If, AFTER TRY OUTS,  the player is NOT selected for a travel team, that player will be registered for the IN-TOWN Rec league and the fee paid will apply to the in-town fee of $175.  A full refund will be issued if the player is already registered for the IN-TOWN league or chooses not to play.

In-Town & Travel for Same Player - Players who are on a travel team are permitted to play on a Rec team also.  Register this player separately within each division during the same registration process.  In other words, register this player as if he/she were two separate players within your family - one registration for an In-Town team, the other registration for a Travel Team.  You will be charged the full fee for Travel, but will receive a 50% DISCOUNT for the In Town registration.

CYO -  The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) of the Diocese of Paterson provides Catholic youths the opportunity to grow athletically in an environment that foster teamwork, good sportsmanship, and faith.  To further that mission, the St. Lawrence the Martyr Parish offers children the opportunity to participate in CYO basketball.  Teams are formed for St. Lawrence parishioners (boys and girls) in 3rd through 8th grades that compete with other churches in the Paterson Diocese located within Morris and Sussex Counties.  The season starts mid-November and runs through early February with practices on Friday and games on Sunday.  The season then progresses to playoffs, ending the first weekend in March. $200/Registrant.